Camera Solutions

Surveillance Camera Systems for your Home or Business

Camera systems
  • Professionally installed
  • Designed to fit your needs and budget
  • Local and remote monitoring available

Ribbit Business Solutions' clients benefit in many ways from the use of video surveillance. In addition to businesses that deal with the direct exchange of money, such as banks, retail stores, and convenience stores, there are other widespread uses for video applications. Hospitals, extended care facilities, museums, college campuses, elementary and high schools, day-care facilities, and even laboratories are just a few of the businesses utilizing surveillance video equipment.

Individual business offices are finding video applications useful for in-office observation as well as monitoring doors and parking lots. Our video solutions include on-site monitoring and remote monitoring options for our clients' surveillance requirements.

Ribbit Business Solutions custom-designed CCTV Security Systems also have applications beyond crime prevention. Our clients can use CCTV equipment to enhance staff productivity while monitoring the safety of their employees. Furthermore, the CCTV camera system is a cost-effective way to provide security for your company. Ribbit Business Solutions CCTV cameras do not require payroll or other personnel expenses. RBS works behind the scenes so that our clients can dedicate more time and resources to serve their customers' needs.

Camera systems

Professional DVR Package includes:

Excellent Display Quality and High Compression Ratio

With the complete integration of software and hardware, our systems provide excellent image display quality. Displays true 720x480 resolution, as well as 320x240 and 640x480. The H.264 compression is mainly designed for CCTV applications. It provides near loss-less video quality saving a great deal of disk space.

Various Screen Modes

You can choose the number of cameras to be viewed on the monitor screen, for a more custom and comfortable work environment.

Advanced Camera Configuration

You have total control of your cameras. Adjust compression, Recording mode, alarm and more.

Cash Register POS Integration

The system can easily be integrated with your POS/Cash Register with a Text Inserter.

Schedule Management

You can choose the specific times and days of the week to record data. This prevents the system from recording any "dead" space.

Fast, Easy Data Search

You can search for data by camera, on the day and date of your choice. You can even search multiple cameras at the same time. Also, you are able select an image to store or print, and the image can also be transferred to AVI format.

Advanced Motion Detection

This motion detection feature reduces false alarms cause by weather change, lightning, noise signal and prompt motion.

Powerful Remote Access

Multiple clients can simultaneously monitor the same site through the Internet connection. Remote viewing allows monitoring/recording of up to 16 remote cameras, remote control of PTZ cameras, remote record playback, and remote configuration.

Security and Stability

We provide multiple levels of password protection, and maintain an audit record of 'log on and off' sessions, configuration changes and more. Video recordings are saved in a database, optimizing storage utilization.

Video Export

This takes the current video frame and saves it to an image file or prints it out with location, date and time information. You are also able to save the video to an AVI.