Network Solutions

Cabled or Wireless Network Support for Home or Office

Ribbit Business Solutions can enhance office productivity, maximize your ability to enjoy virtual worlds for your favorite games, and bring your favorite movies to life. Ribbit Business technicians plan new networks based on bandwidth, physical layout, security, and budget to achieve your business, home office or home entertainment objectives. You can select a high-speed cable network, a versatile wireless network, or a combination of both that best suits your operational environment.

A wireless network is the perfect way to enjoy your electronic devices (notebook, laptop or other portable device) anywhere in the house. You can surf the internet, watch streaming video, including movies, television and sports, and conduct business from anywhere in the house or office.


Many service related businesses offer Internet access to customers and clients. The overall investment is surprisingly small when compared to ongoing revenue possibilities. A hot spot network fits well in businesses such as Internet coffee shops, truck stops, salon waiting rooms, camper and RV parks, hotels and motels, dealerships and many other businesses. Ribbit Business Solutions can offer you a turnkey solution that includes equipment, installation, access cards, and routine maintenance.

RBS offers many options to improve your business networking. Whether you need wireless, wired, internal, or external, our expertise keeps you connected.

Remote Access

RBS works with you to design and deploy remote access for your business model. Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • SharePoint 2010
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Web Workplace "SBS"
  • SonicWall SSL VPN

All of these services provide a comprehensive platform that can scale to meet business needs. We will create an infrastructure and management environment so you can simplify how people find, share, and access information through remote access.

Intranet Sites

Ribbit Business Solutions focuses on deploying the appropriate design to meet your business infrastructure needs. We provide a multitude of options for your business to communicate and centralize data and software.

In addition, many manual processes can be automated and standardized, saving time and increasing productivity. Working with Ribbit Business Solutions to install an effective intranet web solution provides many major benefits including:

  • Facilitate closer teamwork with an easy to access database of regularly updated information
  • Easily monitor and manage multiple groups
  • Unlock data from individual's hard drives into searchable, accessible libraries
  • Read/write access to programs and shared folders with permission control option
  • Share printer among multiple users

Mac Networking

We can configure your Mac network from the ground up or improve an existing network. Our experienced Mac technicians can bridge the gap between Mac and PC communication and install the proper systems to keep it running smoothly.