Data Solutions

With every development in data technologies, we move further and further away from paper. Advances in digital documentation are causing companies to look at safe data storage. Companies are searching for ways to backup their important data and feel comfortable that it is all stored securely. RBS can provide secure backup and data storage for businesses of any size.

The RBS Backup has multiple solutions that can accommodate your company's backup and storage needs:

  • We provide anything from basic workstation backups to bare metal backups of servers
  • We deliver on-site solutions to replace any outdated forms of backup
  • Your information is stored in secure facilities off-site
  • If your system goes down, we will quickly restore your data and get you back up and running

Storage and Backup/Recovery Services

Data is only useful if it is reliable and it can be readily accessed. We can help automate data entry solutions to avoid keying errors. Our solutions feature a single data repository that can be accessed by multiple systems. This approach maintains the integrity of the data.

Ribbit Business Solutions follows industry guidelines and our own best practices to design storage and backup/recovery solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We have the business and technical expertise required to work with a wide range of customers, including health care services providers, professional services providers, retail services and warehouse and logistics service providers. Our business professionals will work with your company to identify the requirements that drive your business and present solutions ranging from helping you to select your own hardware and software to complete management of your IT environment. Our solutions include backup status monitoring and notification, reporting of overall backup status and remediation of backup failure to complete as scheduled.

Solutions that incorporate off-site storage of file, database and configuration data are recommended by most IT professionals as the best method to ensure that your business can survive a natural or man-made disaster or catastrophic system failure. Technical documentation experts can help you design a disaster recovery plan suited for your business needs.

From the desktop to your data center, we help customers align IT services with their core business requirements. We help IT departments free themselves from tedious daily operations, and allow them to streamline larger business operations. We create an agile and scalable infrastructure that fits within the organization of your business.