Recycling and Disposal Services

Have outdated and unwanted computers lying around collecting dust? Ribbit Computers specializes in the disposition of computers and electronic equipment either by dropping off your salvage at our stores or arrangements can be made for pick-up. By allowing e-waste to be removed by us, you're helping the environment in many ways.

We accept:

  • Small items at our stores; keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc,.
  • For more than 20 items, please contact us.

*Note: Charges apply, please contact us at 316-612-1500 for more information.

The excitement of purchasing and installing new personal computers can be overshadowed by the need to dispose of the outgoing equipment. Ribbit Business Solutions offers IT Recycling Services that include:

  • Recycle or Repurpose Assets
  • Destruction of Data
  • Purchase of Surplus IT Assets
  • Resale Assistance
  • IT Disposal Services
  • Purchase Off-Lease Equipment

Recycle and Re-purpose IT Assets

Ribbit Business Solutions specializes in the processing and redistribution of laptops and desktops. We follow all Federal Agency guidelines (HIPAA, EPA, DoD, etc.) for resale or destruction of IT assets.

Destruction of private and confidential data

Ribbit Business Solutions' technical staff will follow Standard Operating Procedures developed on the current federal guidelines for transfer or disposal of IT assets. All IT assets are cataloged upon receipt and stored in our secure warehouse facility. Trained IT service professionals will remove and destroy asset tags. Data, programs, and operating systems are destroyed upon equipment start up. If the hard disk is inoperable, it will be removed and physically destroyed. There are multiple options available for the destruction of data, including:

  • Single pass overwrite of entire hard drive to eliminate private or confidential data without destroying the hard drive.
  • Destruction of magnetic domains, heads, and components to completely destroy the hard drive.
  • Physical destruction of hard drive platters and electronics.
  • Triple pass overwrite to DoD specifications provides comprehensive removal of data, programs and operating systems without destroying the hard drive.

Purchase of Surplus IT Assets

Ribbit Business Solutions will purchase your outdated or excess laptop and desktop computers. Once we receive a detailed inventory list, the IT Re-purposing Specialist will provide you with a detailed quote for the purchase of these items. Our customer-service oriented staff will be happy to walk you through the process for documenting your IT assets in sufficient detail to enable us to provide you with a quote.

Resale Assistance

Ribbit Business Solutions can help you locate a buyer for your IT assets that are ready for resale. Just give us a call and we will make an appointment to review the process with you at your convenience.

IT Disposal Services

Ribbit Business Solutions will recycle any materials that cannot be reused for our purposes in compliance with EPA standards. Our philosophy rejects the "throw it out" mentality in favor of repurposing IT assets. Our objective is to extend the life of IT assets in order to minimize the impact on the environment. We will recycle circuit boards, batteries, wire, metals, and plastics to conserve precious natural resources.

Purchase Off-Lease Equipment

Ribbit Business Solutions will help you to understand the pros and cons of returning leased equipment to the original supplier. The expiration of a lease agreement may lead to additional costs for certified data destruction and equipment packaging. The leasing company may also assess fees for damaged or missing machines and parts. Some leasing companies are so specific in their packaging instructions that they require the equipment to be returned in the same boxes in which it was received. A Ribbit Business Solutions advisor will be happy to meet with you and discuss how Ribbit Business Solutions can offer you a better return on your assets than the original supplier.