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RBS designs, deploys, operates, and improves IT managed services.
From the desktop to your data center, we
help customers align IT services with their
core business requirements. We help IT
departments free them selves from tedious
daily operations, and allow them to streamline
larger business operations. We create an agile
and scalable infrastructure that fits within the
organization of your business. We offer, but are not limited
to, the following services: - Hosted or Managed Exchange
- Managed Services
- Onsite Services
- Network Design
- RBS Backup & Data Storage
- Cloud Services All of the RBS IT managed services are
supported by service aggreement options.
Our custom approach ensures
that the technologies deployed
by our clients are an asset to
the company, not a liability.
Intelligent voice decisions need to be made based on facts and personal experiences.
Ribbit Business Solutions knows your time is
valuable. When it comes to purchasing a new
or updated voice solution, our clients have the
opportunity to evaluate and compare so they
make an informed decision. We offer a solution tailored to the individual client.
With our voice selection process, there are options for : - VoIP Solutions
- Unified Communications
- Unified Messaging
- Hosted PBX
- Presence Management
- Contact Center Applications
- Telephone Handset Options & Accessories
- Multiple System Designs All of the RBS IT managed services are
supported by service aggreement options.
Benefit from the use of video surveillance.
 In addition to businesses that deal with the
direct exchange of money, such as banks,
retail stores, and convenience stores, there are
other widespread uses for video applications.
Hospitals, extended care facilities, museums,
college campuses, elementary and high
schools, day-care facilities, and even
laboratories are just a few of the businesses
utilizing surveillance video equipment.  Individuals business offices are finding video
applications useful for in-office observation
as well as monitoring doors and parking
lots. Our video solutions include on-site
monitoring and remote monitoring options
for our client’s surveillance requirements. Ribbit Business Solutions custom-designed
CCTV Security Systems also have
applications beyond crime prevention. Our
clients can use CCTV equipment to enhance
staff productivity while monitoring the safety
of their employees. Furthermore, the CCTV
camera system is a cost effective way to
provide security for your company. Ribbit
Business Solutions CCTV cameras do not
require payroll or other personal expenses.
RBS works behind the scenes
so that our clients can dedicate
more time and resources to
serve their customers’ needs.
Your company website is often a prospective customers' first point of contact with your organization.
 It is the focal point for your marketing communications and generates all types of potential leads from your campaigns and search engine optimization activities. In the 21st century all organizations, private, public, and not-for-profit, need a powerful web presence to strongly promote their brand and interact with visitors. Ribbit Business Solutions has been giving Wichita superior web services for years and works with customers across all market sectors and of all sizes to develop websites to meet the demands of their business. Ribbit Business Solutions have been developing websites for many years and have built up a portfolio of work that incorporates all of the features and functions that you would expect to see in a modern website. Ribbit Business Solutions Wichita superior web services, design and deploy high impact and engaging sites that feature full content management, search, social networking, galleries, e-learning and many other engaging features.
With the added benefit of the Ribbit Business Solutions graphic design team, Ribbit Business Solutions really is the first stop when looking to build a new website.  In order to maximize the benefit of your website Ribbit Business Solutions in Wichita have superior web services that can enable you to: - Tailor its look and feel in order for users to stay engaged
- Incorporate dynamic media such as Flash or Silverlight
- Add engaging content, features and functions utilizing a CMS
- Encourage users to communicate with you and other web users through social media tools
- Receive leading support from the Ribbit Business Solutions service desk and support teams, if required, with guaranteed levels of service to support your business requirements
- If you are ready for superior web services then you came to the right place. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you become superior in your business.
Products and Technologies we Provide
Backup solutions for business that require an alternate source for backup. We offer off site backup as well as NAS solutions using the very best in Network storage technology. Also we provide custom computing needs. We can offer almost any kind of custom PC or server configuration from CAD designing to Standard Business office computers. All with a 3yr Parts and Labor warranty. We offer a wide range of apple products, TV's, monitors, switches, routers, printers and computer peripherals. WICHITA'S BEST SURVEILLANCE CAMERA SYSTEMS AND PROFESSIONAL DVR PACKAGE Excellent Display Quality and High Compression Ratio
With the complete integration of software and hardware, our systems provides excellent image display quality. Displays true 1080p resolution, as well as 720p. The highest end quailty in IP camera Technology. Various Screen Modes
You can choose the number of cameras to be viewed on the monitor screen, for a more custom and comfortable work environment. Advanced Camera Configuration
Total control of your cameras. Adjust compression, Recording mode, alarm and more.
    We offer a complete technical support service for both home and business customers. If you are having technical probleems, we can arrange for a technician to visit your home or business and if required, uplift your PC to our workshop for repair. Remote and On Site Service
We have the ability to remotely service your computer. When hardware replacement is necessary, we provide on site service.
Cleanup & Optimization
Includes a thorough disk cleaning, disk-defragmentation, registry cleaning and installation of the most recent security updates & patches. The optimization also includes speedy customized settings and removal of unnecessary programs upon request.
Spyware / Virus Removal
Complete removal of malicious programs on a PC including, but not limited to, Trojans, Virus, Spyware, Adware, & Hijacker.
Computer checkup & diagnostic
System troubleshooting to identify issues that are creating system problems.
Operating system installation
Installation of your machine operating system or If your computer has failed on you, we will reformat your hard drive, reinstall your operating system and get you back up and running.
Operating system repair service
If your computer has crashed or is having operating system problems, CompuTech technicians can diagnose and repair damage to your operating system.
Software installation
We will repair or install new software on your computer and configure it the way you want it.
Memory & drive installation
Expand you computer's potential with additional storage & memory space. We'll install and configure a new hard drive or memory that will improve your PC's performance.
Hardware installation
We'll install your printer, scanner, camera or other peripheral and ensure it is working properly.
New computer setup
We will ensure you get set up right the first time! We'll set up your new computer and personalize it to fit your needs.
Network setup
Set up and configure a secure basic home network, share the internet, files and printer. We will set up and secure up to 2 computers in your network.
Wireless network
In-home/small office setup of network hardware, activation of security features, and configuration of your network hardware and PC to wirelessly connect.

    Ribbit Business technicians plan new networks based on bandwidth, physical layout, security and budget requirements for your business, home office or home entertainment objectives.


    You now have the flexibility of choosing high-speed cabled networks, the versatility of a wireless network, or a combination of both.


    Based on information gathered we recommend components such as routers and switches meeting overall specifications. Once the best equipment and price/performance are determined, we build the network from the ground up.




    You can go Wireless and maintain security !


    Enjoy the freedom and clean modern way to enjoy your Desktops and Laptops without cluttering up your home with unwanted network cables and unattractive holes in the wall with a home wireless network.


    What a great feeling to go anywhere in the house with a laptop and be able to get on the internet with great speed enough to watch any kind of streaming video including new clips, music videos, weather updates and other interesting content now available on the internet.




    A fledgling but growing computer networking enterprise where businesses can offer Internet access (mostly wireless, but can be cabled) to customers and clients for a charge or as promotional leader to bring spenders "in the door." The overall investment is surprisingly small when compared to ongoing revenue possibilities. A hot spot network fits well in businesses such as Internet coffee shops, truck stops, salon waiting rooms, camper and RV parks, hotels and motels, dealerships and many more. We can offer you a turnkey solution including equipment, installation, point of sale "access cards" and maintenance.

    If you would like to receive regular ongoing support for your home or business computers at a great rate, Advance Service monthly plans are just what you are looking for. Advance Clean & Maintain.....Call for pricing
Setup windows updates to automatically take place
Configure your Anti-virus software (purchase optional)
Setup complimentary Anti-spy ware software
Scan for active and dormant viruses and spy ware
Clean, delete and/or repair any infected files
Check virus and spy ware software update status
Configure Windows firewall
Verify Internet security levels
Educate about prevention and provide security options
Check Windows update status and update if required
Check and reset Internet security settings
Reduce background running programs
Delete unnecessary files from hard drive
Scan hard disk for damaged files and folders
Initiate Disk De fragmentation
Following ten tweaks to improve your systems performance
Uninstall unnecessary Windows components
Increase mouse pointer speed (optional)
Disable Windows sounds (optional)
Reduce Windows visual settings (optional)

    From assessment and planning to program deployment and optimization, our consultants apply a proven process to every project to ensure you get the most from your technology investment. We are committed to delivering total solutions tailored to your specific needs - regardless of the size of your organization.


    When you call us, you will confer with a skilled computer consultant. He will answer your questions and advise you. He will take into consideration of your needs and your budget.


    Voice Over IP Systems

    Network Design

    Point of Sales Solutions

    Web Development

    Camera Systems

    Backup systems

    Office Equipment


    Distinct from our Full IT Outsourcing service, our Managed Services are a set of utility based services designed around the needs of businesses who have an expert in-house IT function but who still require additional support for managing certain elements of their environment. These complementary service offerings are designed to help organizations focus on delivering IT services that offer real business value back to their business, as opposed to "running around keeping the lights on" managing services that offer no business advantage.


    With Managed Services, some clients come to us for specific services such as managed backup or systems monitoring, whilst others see us as an additional flexible resource, working in partnership with the manager responsible for IT services, and supplementing the in-house IT support team.


    Utility managed services to cover all of the core IT operation functions that a typical IT department is responsible for, covering the full spectrum from the desktop to the data centre

    Flexibility of approach to meet individual company requirements -- not a one-size-fits-all approach

    Leverage economies of scale through Ribbit Business Private Cloud, dedicated facilities, shared services, and a wide technical skill base

    Customers engage to discuss both pre-defined and bespoke services as required

    Every service or solution is done so with operate in mind, so no matter if it is designed for you to manage in-house or for Ribbit Business to manage as a managed service you can be sure that the same high standard approach, procedure and quality control have been applied

    All services governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensuring you get a true 24x7 IT infrastructure designed to meet your business objectives

    Choice of a standalone professional services project, a tactical out-tasked managed service around specific utility IT functions, or a full outsourced managed service where we take responsibility for delivering all of your IT

    Example services include; Managed Backup, Managed Storage, Managed Citrix/VDI, Managed Email and Systems Monitoring.

    The key for Ribbit Business clients is that they decide which Utility Managed Services they need.


    The Ribbit Business methodology for helping customers best maximize their IT investment is based on working with them to help define their Business IT Roadmap. By benchmarking current environments and building a desired state model showing where they need their IT to be, it allows organizations to establish clear, achievable roadmaps to transform their IT from a cost centre into a strategic business asset.


About Us

 Ribbit Business Solutions is about bringing enterprise level solutions to small, mid-size and large businesses in and throughout the Wichita area. Businesses can benefit greatly with Data, Voice, Video, and Web. These solutions are not just about the technology but about the service behind the technology. We believe that all companies deserve next generation IT solutions with traditional customer service values. These values are professionalism, dependability, knowledge and, most importantly, passion and enthusiasm for the work we do. As a business, we want to make sure that these values are communicated to the clients we support, the users we look after, and the people we work with at Ribbit Business Solutions. Data
RBS design, deploy, operate and improve IT managed services from the desktop to the data centre that help customers to align their IT to their core business requirements. We aim to help IT departments free themselves from day to day operational activity to allow them to deliver strategic value back to their business by creating an agile and scalable infrastructure that is closely aligned to their organizations core business operations Voice
Your time is very valuable. You need to make intelligent decisions based on facts and true personal experiences. When it comes to purchasing a new or updated telecommunications solution for your business, you scrutinize, compare and make a decision. Video
Ribbit Business Solutions strive to provide our customers with the highest quality safety and surveillance products on the market today, and we're constantly searching for the latest and most improved products for the future as well. Our surveillance equipment department is at your service to answer any questions you may have. Ultimately, our goal is for our customers to have a great shopping experience that they can recommend to their family, friends and business associates. Web
Your company website is often a prospective customers' first point of contact with your organization. It is the focal point for your marketing communications and generates all types of potential leads from your campaigns and search engine optimization activities. In the 21st century all organizations, private, public, and not-for-profit, need a powerful web presence to strongly promote their brand and interact with visitors. Ribbit Business Solutions has been working with customers across all market sectors and of all sizes to develop websites to meet the demands of their business.

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